Coalition Contest Rules
The following rules will be used in conjunction with the Coalition rules defined above. PLEASE READ THE
FOLLOWING, as failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification.
1. Wave Count: You will be scored on 3 out of 5 waves (4 out of 6 in the finals). Wave count may vary depending on
1.1 You must leave the water after you ride your waves and/or your heat ends, or you and your team will be
penalized (see Coalition Suggested Guideline #2). The Head Judge will try to inform surfers when they have ridden
their maximum number of waves but is the surfer's responsibility to keep track of waves ridden.
1.2 If you take more than the waves allowed, you will receive a zero (0) for that wave and it will replace the score for
your lowest scoring wave. Don't stay in the water!
2. Up Before or After Horn: To clarify the coalition rule, if you catch a wave before or after your heat it will severely
affect your score! Standing up before the horn starting your heat will cost you your highest scoring wave, and
standing up after the horn ending your heat will cost you your lowest scoring wave.
3. Board Control: If you lose total control of your board, you lose significant points! Total control is: your board is in
your possession when you end your wave - you have it in your hands or do a true "Fly-Away Kickout" without
jeopardizing possession!
4. Surfing Interference: If you are called for surfing interference, you will get a zero (0) in place of your highest
scoring wave! (See Coalition Rule #6) The Head Judge will be announcing all interference calls. If you think you
interfered or have been interfered on, listen for a "call" on the PA or ask the official "spotter" on the point.
5. Paddling Interference: If you are called for a paddling interference, you will get a zero (0) in place of your highest
scoring wave! (See Coalition Rule #6) Never surf a wave with someone behind you. Don't take the chance that you
have the right of way... always be closest to the curl!
1. You will be scored when your hands leave the rails as you stand up.
2. A score of 0-20 will be given for each wave ridden. A basic wave is valued at 8 points (Catch wave, turn, trim,
cutback, kickout).

2.1 Judges add points for successfully completing maneuvers/tricks/style, focusing on the traditional facets of
2.2 Judges deduct points for incomplete maneuvers.
3. Points will be added or deducted based on the degree of difficulty of each maneuver.
3.1 Points possible are based on difficulty of maneuver
3.2 Max points added for successful completion of difficult maneuver.
3.3 Less points for an attempted difficult maneuver if you fall and recover.
3.4 Less points for completion of less difficult maneuver.
4. You lose points if you loose control of your board. Points are deducted each time you lose your balance and if
you fall and recover.

You should select the best waves of your heat and surf the waves to completion. In the 60's, surfing in the
whitewater was not considered performance. The objective was to stay in and around the hook of the waves.
Therefore, no major points will be given for maneuvers/tricks in the white water unless extremely difficult or
functional: 360s, floaters, helicopters, coasters, etc.
1. You gain points for:
1.1 A "good presentation" of your overall surfing skill and style. You never lose balance, nose ride through sections,
complete hard turns, use wave's power, your maneuvers flow with the wave, your timing of maneuvers is in tune with
the wave, and you look good.
1.2 Selecting a wave, which has more sections, peaks, power, lined up, ridable distance, and appearance.
1.3 Surfing the entire wave to its completion, performing maneuvers throughout the entire wave.
2. You lose points for:
2.1 A "bad presentation". You lose balance during or after a nose ride, avoid sections, hard turns and tube rides;
don't use the speed, power and beauty of the wave; your maneuvers are not timed well-, you don't flow with the
wave-, you shuffle instead of walking-, you kick out too soon, arm waving, and don't look good.
2.2 Poor wave selection. Surfing inside, not going for the set waves, not in the peak, taking off on the shoulder, etc.


1. Points Per Wave: 0-20 Points per wave with emphasis on functional moves and style. This is a 20-point system,
so there will be no half points (.5). See Coalition Guideline #8.
2. Functional Moves: Moves in and around the curl of the wave; turns, nose rides, trimming, coasters, tubes,
floaters, etc.
3. Style: Judges look for smoothness, control, balance, personality, and timing.
4. Tricks: Tricks are nonfunctional moves such as spinners, headstands, coffins, etc. Tricks don't get you points.
5. Disqualification: You will be disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Total Club Points are determined from the scores of your top placing surfers in all divisions, including the Tandem
event and the Paddle race.