La Jolla Shores Surfing Association Menehune Surf Contest  
April 28, 2012
Photo Albums
Nick Vanmatre,
Funtime Photographer
Our surf club would like to thank the photographers from the San Diego
Photography Collective who volunteered at our event.  Click on the photos
at the left of each gallery to enter our shared online albums of surfing,
candids, parents, kids, and volunteers.
 IF you like a particular photo -
please contact them directly (e-mail link from their name) and/or visit their
website to view more.  While no renumeration is expected, please support if
you'd like.  This is real treasure trove of photos...enjoy!
James Mitchell  4has
also posted his online gallery
Dan Diamant took
hundreds of photos, and has
them all linked to his
Click here to view
more; or click on photo at left to
view 54 selected files.  Happy
Robert "Buzz"
Bussino has posted
photos to a gallery
Click here to
Pep Garcia also
posted his to
Click here
to view.
Viktor Santos
Click on photo at left  
to see his gallery.
Click on photo at left
to see gallery on
Don Sheffler Click on
photo at left to view Don's
photo gallery online; or visit
his website:
Claudia Perez
Click on photo at left to
view Claudia's gallery
Al Fernandez Click
on photo at left to
view Al's online
gallery. Click on link
for his