Our unofficial meetings occur
most mornings in front of
Dave's white Ford truck parked
on the 1st row about the 3rd
bench down on the boardwalk
at La Jolla Shores.  Pictured at
left is our member at large Dave
McLeod aka
Inside Wave
We post flyers, notices,
contest & member applications,
etc. at his truck.  Find Dave
when he's not surfing, and see
what' going on....
Surfers dedicated to the guardianship of our ocean  and community
Thanks to all of our 2015 major
menehune contest sponsors.  
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We will be taking a hiatus from
meetings for a while to enjoy
summer!  Stay tuned for our next
activitiy.  E-mail Surf Club Presdent
Lorraine Schmalenberger  or call
858.692.5235 for information
about the surf club. Hope to sea you
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15th Annual Menehune Surf Contest
Saturday, April 25, 2015 - Results are IN! - photos are now posted
The contest was a huge success - thank you to all our sponsors, participants, parents, volunteers and club
members who make this event happen.  Please visit our
Events page for results, photos, and more!
2014 contestant photos by Ron Greene and Victor Santos